About Sage Country Herbs

There are over 700 species of the genera Salvia worldwide and California is the home to over 17 species.

Some are spicy, some savory, some floral and sweet! Famous superfood Chia seeds are also part of the Salvia genus in Salvia hispanica and Salvia columbrianum. However many seeds from this versatile genus can be used for survival food as they are rich in protein, Omega oils and fiber.

Sage plants are steeped in the history of herbal medicine and are incredibly versatile in their uses as food, culinary, topical and internal medicine, ceremonies, cleansing and much more. Checkout our blog for recipes with Sage and many other herbs.

Sage country Herbs is the creation of Shana Lipner Grover Clinical Herbalist & Health Educator. We are focused on providing high quality education on herbal medicine and nutrition, found within the school, health clinic and high quality herbal product manufacturing. Come visit the blog and store!




2 thoughts on “About Sage Country Herbs

  1. Hi
    I would like to know more about your apprentice program begining jan 2016. The duration, location, lodging, etc. and how it works? How many days a week and so on! Thank you

    Fariba zandpour

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